What’s the best eCommerce platform for building an online store?

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The days when people had to rely on the skills and knowledge of professional web designers and developers when they wanted to create online stores are gone. Thanks to eCommerce platforms, literally any individual with basic skills can come up with an attractive online store. Obviously, not all the platforms found online are the same and some of them are way better than the others. If you are like most business people, then you definitely want to use the best option for your business. By spending some time learning more about these platforms, you should be able to meet your objective.


As the name suggests, OpenCart is actually an open-source eCommerce platform based on PHP programming language. Many people who are looking for an affordable solution that has all the basic features that online stores need are selecting this option. So, with the help of OpenCart, you can expect to get simple and easy store setup, excellent performance, support for an unlimited number of items and free support and updates. Let’s not forget to mention that OpenCart is also a user-friendly Search Engine Optimization solution which is really important today when there are thousands of stores out there.


This is another great example of an open source platform. OsCommerce provides the necessary tools to build a self-hosted online store. With the help of OsCommerce, you can expect full control over the process of building and managing your store. It can help you optimize the work of your store in the future. In addition, OsCommerce is equipped with countless eCommerce features. The biggest disadvantage of using this platform is the maintenance. It takes more time and energy to maintain your store in this way.


BigCommerce represents a cloud-hosted eCommerce platform which is usually used by medium and small businesses. This is a customizable platform used by many popular brands including Martha Stewart, Toyota, and Paul Mitchell. With the help of BigCommerce, you will get access to a long list of online shopping care solutions and integration with many payment gateways.


PrestaShop is a popular free eCommerce platform. This PHP-based solution is used by over 250,000 businesses around the world – from Singapore to New York and from Oslo to Johannesburg. The biggest advantage of using PrestaShop is that this platform is very customizable and flexible. It’s also quite SEO friendly.

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