Selecting the best eCommerce platforms for your online store

eCommerce platforms

There are a few great choices on the market in case you thinking about using an eCommerce platform for your online store. This means that there’s no need to hire a developer and/or designer to create a unique, modern and functional store on the Internet. But, the best eCommerce platforms have specific characteristics that make them different and more suitable for specific categories of business owners and businesses in general. Of course, they also have a lot in common. In order to clear any dilemmas, we have created a short list of the best eCommerce platforms that you can use to build an online store.


Magento is a very flexible, open-source platform which is used by thousands of people. It comes with over ten thousand extensions and plugins that can help users scale their business and optimize their work. This is also a very customizable eCommerce platform with great SEO features. With the wide array of payment gateways and reasonable price, you have to take this eCommerce into consideration when you are trying to build an online store. Don’t forget that you need some development skills if you want to use this option.


WooCommerce represents a completely free platform, which is actually a plugin that can be used on any WordPress website. It is known for the wide range of themes and powerful analytic tools. In addition, those who are using WooCommerce are enjoying the high level of customization and the built-in blogging feature provided by this platform. With the right approach, you can use WooCommerce to achieve some really great SEO results.


There are many statistics that claim that Shopify is powering more than 600.000 businesses around the world. This means that there are over one million active users of this platform. Retailers are using Shopify to install, create and manage their online stores over different sales channels like social media, mobile channels, and online marketplaces. This platform is equipped with over 100 responsive, modern themes. It also has many app store integrations and supports a long list of payment gateways.


We’ll end this list of four great eCommerce platforms with Volusion which represents a complete solution for large and small businesses. Similar to other popular platforms it has dozens of responsive themes and a rich CSS editor. Another thing that people like about this platform is the simple customization process which allows them to come up with original solutions for their stores.

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